Tuesday, 8 April 2014

New Grow Food 4 Life Courses at Hillside Herbs

At Hillside herbs, we often run a few courses each month, these courses are usually open to all of the family, we teach you how to get the best out of your home grown Fruit, Vegetables and Herbs. We will show you how to cook it and give new idea's on what can be done with what you have been growing, Recently we made Parsnip cake which was very nice and we think that Parsnips work well in a cake as they are already sweet! The Parsnips give the cake a gooey caramel texture as well, which is YUM!

When you  come along to one or many of our courses, you will get chance to try new foods which we always have to offer on course, you can even take some home with you.

If you don't have your own allotment, you can still growfood4life, all you need is space like a Patio a Window Sill or a grow bag.

'Learn to grow your own' courses will include lots of practical work, All Seeds and equipment are provided!

Our up and coming courses are as follows:

Growing Course

Starts Saturday 26th April 2014

10AM - 11.30AM every Saturday

This course lasts for 5 weeks

Family Gardening Group

Starts Saturday 26th April 2014

12NOON - 1.30PM

Open to Adults and Children

This course lasts for 5 weeks

Garden Crafts

Starts Monday 14th - 17th April 2014

1PM - 3PM

Open to Adults and Children

All of these courses will be run by Jenny Cadman at Hillside herbs.

You will find us at:
Hillside Herbs
23 Jasmine Rd,
Kates Hill

Don’t hesitate to call us on:
01384 816710

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